BEFORE the event, we will help create a show tailored for you down to the smallest detail. The direction, production, film crew, equipment, software, time plans, documentation… you won’t have to worry about a thing. We will help you turn your ideas and visions into reality.


DURING the event, we will professionally manage the whole programme LIVE according to the prepared scenario while you dedicate yourself to what you need to be doing. At any moment during the event, an unforgettable story may happen - we’ll be ready to capture it. 


AFTER the event, we may have packed up on site, but our collaboration continues. The event must be thoroughly analysed and it is necessary to further develop the takeaways we will prepare for you. We will ensure the event will be talked about for a long time.


Livebros in action!




Martin Zahálka

Martin Zahálka | Director, founder

I have worked in many positions and functions in my professional life and I would be happy to tell you about my experience face-to-face. It is important for me that every experience and co-operation with people who have achieved a lot in their profession gives me permanent motivation for further improvement. I have become a director thanks to my experience and desire to prepare events in a unique way. I have met a lot of very talented people on my way with whom we work together under the name LIVEBROS.

Martin Zahálka

Marcel Voneš | Project manager

I have been involved in sports marketing and event production for more than ten years. I have worked at challenging positions in ice hockey, including the newly created project of HC LEV PRAGUE or for the iconic HC Sparta Praha. This experience brought me to the position of Head Production Manager in the 2015 Ice Hockey World Championship LOC. As well as having worked on running, cycling and triathlon events, I also have experience in organising events beyond sport, such as press conferences, congresses or VIP events. I never hesitate to accept offers from other fields, and always face them as a new challenge. That is why I am at LIVEBROS.


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